Caitriona Sweeney

I was lucky to get a place on Adrienne’s Illustrating for Children’s Books course in Winter 2008. It was a real eye opener. Adrienne brought us through the whole process, step by step, of putting together an illustrated story for submission to publishers. From brainstorming ideas to character development (so nice naming your own character!), from storyboarding to assembling a dummy book. Endpapers were a revelation! It was wonderful to get such practical information from a professional with experience in the industry. I was encouraged to develop my own particular style and use my strengths (watercolour!).The experience  and knowledge I gained from the course enabled me to go on and illustrate a story, “A Friend like Simon”, for Irish publishers Special Stories. The thrill of seeing my illustrations actually published in a real book  made possible by doing this course. I’m still in touch with friends I met on the course and we continue to encourage each other in our art endeavours!