Picture Book Boot Camp

Adrienne Geoghegan’s Write & Illustrate a Picture Book.
Induction Day: Tuesday Evening, 11th December 6.30pm.

(venue to be decided)

Apply now for a place in January 2019. Early booking advised.
26 weeks – Wednesdays 6.15pm to 9.15pm &  6 Saturdays 11am to 1pm

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…

This course is suitable for aspiring and emerging children’s writers/illustrators, and those with a love of children’s literature & art, with an enthusiasm to learn more. During the course you will receive an overview of the many components of children’s literature and illustration. You might have some great ideas, but how do you go about writing & illustrating a children’s picture book, putting together a proposal package that stands a better chance of getting published, with all the competition out there?

Part lecture, mostly workshop, this course will take you through the process of writing, editing, illustration, experimentation, and finally submitting a children’s picture book proposal to publishers or agents. A good understanding of the relationship between image and text is vital to the success in creating children’s picture books.  It is important to feel comfortable with drawing, and ability with at least one colour medium. This course will appeal to people with a professional or general artistic background, who enjoy illustration, art and writing. The approach will emphasise sequence, pace, continuity, design, and layout. The course concentrates on moulding and expanding student’s existing techniques to fit the children’s picture book market, whilst encouraging them to develop their own individuality and imagination. The aim is to increase both experimentation and professionalism. The course has produced many published authors and illustrators, many who have won awards and gone on to join the ranks of Illustrators Ireland.



  1. Writing Element
  • How to ‘write in pictures’
  • Building a story framework
  • Create believable characters
  • How to develop a premise into a plot
  • The right language and vocabulary
  • Picture book genres & themes
  • Point of view, dialogue & voice
  • Readability
  • Why editors like to choose their own illustrators
  • Cultivate the habit of revision and editing
  • The nuts and bolts of marketing a manuscript
  1. Illustration Element
  • Physical structure of a picture book
  • Visual continuity and the sequential image.
  • Character development
  • Keeping sketchbooks
  • Picture space and composition
  • How to break down and interpret a text
  • How to create a layout and paginate a text.
  • Creating thumbnail sketches & storyboards.
  • Experimenting with paints and  mediums
  • Deciding on a medium to suit YOU/personal style
  • Creating a complete picture book dummy
  • Photoshop, scanning and printing
  • Printmaking with Debora Ando
  • Exhibit your work and create a pop-up shop selling your prints and work.

Created a picture book dummy & manuscript ready for submission to prospective publishers, or to include in your portfolio as a demonstration of your capabilities, have the confidence to exhibit your work and create a pop-up shop selling your prints and work.

APPLICATION PROCESS BY EMAIL, include 3 low res images of recent work, email: adriennegeoghegan@gmail.com

We ask each of our new students to fill out a short questionnaire so that we can get an idea of your art experience and ideal outcomes before beginning the course. Please bring it with you on the first day so that we can tailor the course to everyone’s feedback.

Download the questionnaire HERE.

Your homework starts now! Come prepared and start drawing. Details HERE.

The Garden Art Room,
Carmelite Centre,
56 Aungier Street
Dublin 2

DURATION: Six months, starting 9th January, 2019, with end of year show in early June 2019.

FEES: €1,300 Deposit of 50% (€650) secures your place.

Refunds are not issued up to 16 weeks prior to the course start date, due to the short time span to re-advertise and fill that place. However if I have someone on a cancellation list, who would like the place, I can offer a refund of deposit paid. ALL cancellations incur an administration fee of €150.  In no other instance is a refund issued, unless in the unlikely event the course is cancelled.
FINAL FEES MUST BE PAID BY FIRST DAY OF CLASS. If you must miss this class please arrange payment balance in full with me BEFOREHAND or contact me to arrange alternative plan. If you do not show up by week 2, nor let me know that you intend to take your place and pay your balance immediately, you forfeit your full deposit, whatever that sum may be, and the place is re-advertised.

I look forward to hearing from you, either to enrol or to receive further information. It would be great to meet you at VOYAGERS, GOOD EGGS & BEASTS, our end of year show and pop up shop, at Studio 10, 10 Wicklow Street, opening on 31st May 2018, 6pm to 8pm.



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