Location Drawing Days
We love to get out and about! Usually on Saturday mornings (not too early!) for a spot of urban sketching…we keep it to 5 Saturdays a year.

The Garden Art Room
We love our studio! Even though most artists do great work alone, some do thrive on feedback and mentoring in a supportive environment.  It’s not mentally good for you to always create alone. The creative struggle is a contradiction. Although art seeks to express something, to connect, it is often a solitary practice. An artist in a drought of interaction loses touch.  It’s all about seeking interaction with your peers!

Our Exhibitions


Our Pop-up Shops
Grab a Bargain! Affordable art and limited edition prints that one day may not be so affordable.

Each year the students get to sell their prints at their end of year show.

Student Work
A small selection of the amazing work created  at VISUAL ART BOOT CAMPS under the tutelage of Adrienne Geoghegan.

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