Illustration Boot Camp and Picture Book Boot Camp will both begin again this January 2019, and finish in late May/early June. The same amount of hours as the (previously) longer courses, but closer together, thus creating greater momentum, energy and motivation. We finish with ‘the famous’ end of year show in a public gallery in early June 2019. 


Adrienne Geoghegan’s Visual Art Boot Camps were established in 2009 to fill a niche in the illustration education market in Ireland.

She set up in The Garden Art Room at The Carmelite Centre on Aungier Street, in the heart of Dublin City, a 5 minutes stroll from St Stephen’s Green. The courses took off immediately as the evening hours and course duration suited those who were in full or part-time employment, parenting, or studying. Many lapsed illustrators and graphic designers returned to up-skill, as well as those who wanted to investigate the possibility of a new, part-time or side-line career. On completion of the course, students have the confidence to approach publishers and art directors with their work. They will also have had the opportunity to professionally showcase their illustration work in a public gallery which had always packed out in previous years with industry professionals queueing to see the show on opening night.

Mission Statement

Adrienne Geoghegan’s courses are geared to accomplish the following:

We are here to imagine, freely create, and learn about communicating visually
We are here to immerse ourselves in the making of illustrative art and picture books, writing and illustration, through briefs, guided tutorials, self-learning, sharing, practice, hands-on demonstrations, lectures and studio work.
We are here to communicate ideas about illustrative art and picture book making in a collaborative and respectful environment.
We are here to work for the most part hands-on, off-screen, using a variety of mediums and styles…to feel the fear and do it anyway!
We are here to grow from our mistakes and to embrace one another’s perspectives as we develop as illustrators and picture book makers.
We are here to grow as illustrators and picture book makers in the knowledge that it is as much about what we do outside of the studio as inside!

‘Skill and talent is gained through consistent practice and not poured into your head from a large illustrated jug’
– Adrienne Geoghegan.

Every artist was first an amateur.‘ – Ralph Waldo Emerson